Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lazy Lazy Doggy

When my masters came through the door today, I did not run to greet them. I was asleep, curled up in the window. They called several times, and groggily I got up. Oh, I dream of a day where I can sleep all day without interruption. I will keep dreaming.

Yum..... Breakfast

Hmm. I appeared to have fallen asleep. After a quick check I realize everyone is okay. Whew. So nobody's mad at me and the best time of the day is here! Breakfast! What will it be? Waffles? Eggs? Pancakes? Sausage? BACON? Yum, Yum!

Aw! Looks like it's just cereal. Maybe next time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Emerald Canine RETURNS

Since my incompetent owner has refused to write for over two years, I will be taking over. My name is Sophie, A.K.A the Emerald Canine. I wanted to write to all you followers about my life in this household. My life is mostly about eating, sleeping, and doing my duty of protecting this household. No one has hurt me or my masters yet, but I still keep an eye out on anything that could harm them.

I have grown in the past two years, and that big-eyed puppy on the front page is far from what I look like now. I am feared by the cat, even the fish! Although I look different, I still think the same and bark the same. Right now my top priority is to make sure I get outside before it gets really dark. But to late. Night has fallen and creatures lurk outside I am sure. I must stay and protect my family. So good night, and sleep tight. *YAWN* Snore....